Spring Treats


Candy-colored delights to keep your outlook bright 

Cakes, colorful eggs, baskets and bunnies; we can’t get enough sweet spring accoutrements for the home. For get-togethers or little moments at home, here are our favorite candy-colored delights to keep the outlook bright this month.  

1. Faux peach and orange blossom stems look stunning grouped in a vase alone or mixed in with real or faux spring flowers.   

2. Salad, Easter candy or colored eggs--this is the bowl for all seasons. 

3. Highlight your favorite art or portraits with this classic art light.  

4. From server to centerpiece, this pitcher is a year-round essential.

5. Bring the spring weather inside with one-of-a-kind nature scenes.   

6. This little guy brings the perfect touch of whimsy to traditional holiday arrangements.  

7.  Cake for breakfast? Yes, please.   

8. A coffee table book that’s equal parts eye candy and instruction manual. 

9. Classic gingham elevates your spring centerpiece or kitchen sink.   

10. Let winter melt away into a tub full of elixir in the freshest scents.  

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