White Colorblock Flower Vase - Foundation Goods

White Colorblock Flower Vase



Mouth blown into vintage inspired casts to retain their old-world appeal, a bold splash of high-gloss paint is added to the bottom of these canning jars for a contemporary upgrade to a rustic vessel. They make the perfect counter-top vases while hiding the water and bottom of the stems as well as look beautiful massed out lining a top shelf for maximum effect. 

8" l x 8" w x 8.5" h

care instructions:

For all embellished and painted glass accents, be sure to hand wash with care. We recommend that you do not use liquid cleansers, glass cleaner, soap or abrasive agents containing alcohol on any embellished or painted areas. For the best care, simply wipe glass clean with a damp cloth. To maintain the integrity of glass accents with painted bottoms, do not soak or leave standing in water.