april Journal

Rethink Your Routine

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April Journal

Routine in a rut? Integrate some beauty into everyday moments. 


Get Your Groove Back playlist 

Eat Elegantly   

Cure the dining doldrums with one of our favorite breakfast combos served on a pretty plate or darling dish. 

toast + scrambled eggs + tomatoes + micro-greens + salt & pepper 

Beaded Salad Plate

shredded wheat + almond milk 

Scalloped Soup Bowl

Greek yogurt + blueberries + hazelnut granola + honey 

Scalloped Soup Bowl

sweet potato hash + arugula + poached eggs + cracked pepper & salt 

Scalloped Salad Plate

Visit Vicariously  

Cure workday woes and plan your next getaway with a wanderlust-worthy coffee table book.

Pamper Proactively 

A little self care goes a long way to shake up the daily doldrums. 

Refresh Your Routine