Foundation Goods x Cake by Courtney

Courtney's recipe for the perfect movie night

In Courtney's home, there's a standing family movie night almost every Sunday. Our designers took this into consideration when planning her basement family room incorporating movie-ready furnishings and accessories, all within reach of the snack-stocked kitchenette. Here are the key ingredients they used that you can incorporate into your own family room to master Courtney's mix. 

The Sectional 

The right furniture lays the foundation for family friendly comfort. The Westin Sectional is customizable with seating and configuration options tailored to you, your family and your home. Our designers will help you order the exact size to suit your space perfectly, just like Courtney's. 

The Ottoman

When it comes to ottomans paired with sectionals, bigger is almost always better. Ensuring everyone has room to put their feet up (or a place to set the snack tray), the Avery was custom-made for Courtney's home and can be ordered in two sizes to suit your own sofa and room size.

The Throws

While everyone loves to bring a favorite blanket to the party, it helps to have an abundance of throw blankets and pillows on hand for ultimate comfort. With Courtney's whimsical mix, you may never want to go to an actual movie theater again!

The Bowls

One size doesn't always fit all, so whatever you're snacking on, you'll find a Jellybean Bowl to suit your taste. From small candy and cereal bowls to large popcorn bowls for a crowd, keep a variety on hand to stay well-stocked like Courtney. 

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