09 / 27 / 21

Curating Your Dining Capsule Collection

Build your dining “wardrobe” with Courtney Grow 

Just like you might pack a selection of clothing for a trip or vacation, the pieces that make up your wardrobe capsule are likely made up of pieces you wear every day. Think of pulling your dining “wardrobe” together in the same way. Take your cues from Courtney’s home and collect daily pieces that will form a cohesive capsule you can pull out for guests, special events and everyday meals. 

Stay Away From Sets

You can never have too many serving pieces so don’t be afraid to collect, mix and match. That way, if something happens to one of the pieces, you won’t have to worry about replacing it with something that matches. Live, shop, travel and collect pieces to add to your own story that’s a lot more interesting than a matching set that came in a box. Dining plates, however, are good to match–always have 6-12 on hand! 

Photo by  Lindsey Stewart

Use Your Best Every Day

Maximize your purchases and use them! Pull them out every day. Eat your morning cereal out of a beautiful bowl and serve your kids cookies and milk with your best plates and glasses (what’s the worst that can happen?). Don’t save them for once or twice a year; elevate every moment with your best and most beautiful items. 

Photo by Lindsey Stewart

Display; Don’t Put it Away!

All of the items in Courtney’s collection are beautiful on their own and deserve a spot in the kitchen or dining room where they can be displayed, admired, used and enjoyed every day. Let your dining collection do double duty as decor; both pretty and practical. 

Photo by Lindsey Stewart

Pay Attention to Details 

Dining pieces can often veer into utilitarian territory, so when curating Courtney’s collection, we looked for special details like unexpected colors and unique patterns. Colors and styles should compliment each other like a well-planned outfit, but they certainly don’t have to match. 

Photo by Lindsey Stewart