12 / 20 / 21

Easy, Breezy Holiday Hosting 

with Ali Primrose

Lend a light touch to the holiday table  

Lifestyle expert Ali Primrose’s breezy California style is a breath of fresh air on any given day, but as we head into the long, dark days of winter, her festive take on holiday entertaining is as welcome as a day at the beach. As much as we love a snowy, white Christmas, Ali’s golden, light-filled abode gives us a glimmer of hope for sunny days on the horizon and the New Year ahead.

Ali eschews a tablecloth favoring a rough-hewn natural table, laying the perfect foundation for her earthy spread. Foraged, natural branches are her centerpiece of choice, keeping things organic and elegant at the same time. 



"Foraged branches and greenery add such a natural and bespoke flare and can add height if placed in a pot or dimension if nestled as loose garland. Go clip fresh branches from a wild tree nearby or visit your local flower market. I always look for the stems that have small berries or unique fruits on them."

We love how Ali nestles small bowls of berries, nuts and seasonings into her centerpiece blurring the line between the meal and decor. She intentionally places food and conversation at the center of her gatherings, while small, thoughtful details play a supporting (and beautiful) role. 



"I hope that our table provides lively conversations and meaningful connections for long-lasting memories. It's not about the dishes or cleaning up or even for the content; it's about intimacy and being surrounded by the people you adore." 

Ali's aesthetic appeals to all the senses; you can practically smell her delectable dishes and her scented candle of choice. From the warm, natural light to the textured greens and mouthwatering display, take a cue from Ali and pay attention to the sites, smells and sounds around your dining set up. 



"The first thing someone should say when they walk in is "what is that smell?". Whether it is the food or a candle burning, there should be an aroma that reflects the evening's aesthetic somewhere stashed at the entryway! Enjoying music is just as important! My husband loves a good jazz playlist. Candlelight is the perfect mood-setter for sense of sight. Touch should be from a comfy dining room chair, cloth napkins, and silverware with a great hand! And of course, the food should be what everyone is talking about when they leave. Taste is the main course of the senses!"

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