09 / 06 / 22

Wake Up in a Cozy Cabin 

Bring rustic and elegant cabin details home for an instant getaway 

Design: Caitlin Creer Interiors
Build: Magleby Construction
Architect: Pearson Design Group

This home designed by the Caitlin Creer Interiors team was the perfect backdrop for our Fall photoshoot, with moody, natural light, stone countertops and reclaimed wood from barns all over the country. The collection was right at home in this idyllic rustic retreat among the fresh air and wildflowers. Take notes and incorporate some earthy, elegant details into your own home and feel nurtured and grounded, like you just spent a week in the mountains.

Photo by Lindsey Stewart

Incorporate unfussy wildflower arrangements in rustic vessels indoors and out.  

Create serene moments with candles, tea and books. 

Utilize rough-hewn catch-alls in wood, ceramic and rattan. 

Layer cozy throws and pillows in organic textures and motifs. 

Take the tour. 

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