March Journal

Savor Slow Mornings

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March Journal

When life feels like it's moving a little too fast, give yourself the gift of a slow morning. Carve out some early hour moments and refresh your daily rituals with our slow morning essentials.


Slow Spring Mornings playlist 


The promise of a warm drink might be all you need to lure you from the cozy covers. 

Perk Energy + Sweetheart Mug

The taste of white chocolate peppermint pretzel meets your morning caffeine needs. 

Nguyen Coffee + Henna Ceramic Mug 

This woman-owned Vietnamese coffee company supports ethical practices while offering a rich, delicious cuppa. 

Serenity Tea + Amelia Mug 

Refresh and restore with this green tea blend. The name says it all. 


Ease your mind into the day with everyone's favorite word game before moving on to work emails. 

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