What’s new for 2022?

Reflect and Reset 

for the new year

At Foundation Goods, we take a little breather after Christmas to close the shop for a few days, clear out what’s left of our holiday stock, take inventory, clean, re-stock and repair anything that needs repairing. This allows us to make room for fresh, new inventory and displays for the new year and spring. Imagine doing the same for your home and life. What new possibilities, people and experiences are you hoping for in 2022? Whatever your goals are, make space in your life for the ‘new’ by taking time to reflect and reset. 


The new year is the perfect time to take inventory of your home and life and reflect on what is and isn’t working. Reflect on what was successful in the past year, and what you don't want to repeat again and then make some plans and adjustments. 

What can you add to or remove from your space to create more beauty or function in a way that supports your goals? More dinners with friends? More adventure? More peace and quiet? More self care? Go through each room and make the following three lists so you have a plan to accomodate your goals.

First create a list of things you have and love and reflect on them with gratitude for serving a purpose in your life. Then, make a second list of things you have but aren’t serving their purpose (or maybe even hindering your goals). Finally, make a list of items you might want to add. These three lists will come in handy in the next phase and you might even add to them as you go. 


Looking at the list of things that are working, you may consider leaving them as they are or switching things around to function better. This step can be scaled to your home and your goals. You might completely rearrange your living room, or simply switch up the art on the walls.

Using the list of things that aren’t working for you, clear the clutter. Ease the mental and physical burden of extra stuff and toss, recycle or donate whatever you can. Think of the space you’re creating for the goals and growth you’re wanting in the new year. Remember that clearing space creates energy and openness for what you want!

Now look at your list of things to add. Are there areas you could add some cozy blankets or candles for the remainder of winter? Special dishes you could add for entertaining? A reading chair and lamp in the corner of a child’s bedroom?

All of these steps are here for you to tackle at your own pace and on whatever scale suits your goals, budget and time constraints. Whether you remove the old, add new or rearrange existing, reset your mindset and your space to accomodate the wonderful things waiting for you in 2022.