Curated picks in autumnal shades and rich textures — perfect for October

It’s time to conjure some fall magic, and the best place to cast your first spell is the front porch. Nothing says fall like the smell of campfire, and a welcoming fire-pit is so easy to put out on the porch or lawn surrounded by chairs from inside. Next, lay out a doormat that lets trick-or-treaters know whether you’re open for business. Keep the treats corralled in a mystic black bowl and your tricks listed in a bewitching notebook or two. A season-appropriate wrap or throw will keep things cozy and our black rose cleansing gel helps keep things clean.  Top the look off with a simple wheat wreathe or wheat bundle and a neutral urn that works inside or out, all year long. 

1. Big Sky Stars and Moon Firepit, Amazon $199; 2. Harbor Side Chair, Foundation Goods $515; 3. Open/Closed Doormat, Foundation Goods $20; 4. Blue Fancy Footed Bowl, Foundation Goods $12-$30; 5. Charcoal Moon Phases Notebook,  Foundation Goods $15; Rough Notebook, Foundation Goods $10-$15; 6. Manos del Uruguay Fringed Vest, Anthropologie $248; 7. Alpaca Throw, Foundation Goods $60; 8. Black Rose Cleansing Gel, Foundation Goods $29; 9. Modern Wheat Wreathe, Etsy $50-$65; 10. Dried Wheat Bundle, Amazon $16; 11. Anders Urn Vase,  Foundation Goods $8