About Foundation Goods

Your home is the foundation of a life well-lived. From slow Sunday mornings to casual dinners with friends, it’s no secret that a beautifully curated home can elevate every moment. 

As designers ourselves, we’ve honed ideas, products and materials that have become the basis for Foundation Goods; a curated collection and design destination providing everything you need to create a meaningful home. 

We believe a beautifully curated home can elevate every moment.

Meet Our Founders

As the creators of Foundation Goods, Caitlin and Bethany have cultivated a collective vision of home, inspired by their individual design, travel and life experiences. 

Through 25 years of full-service design experience in high-end residential homes, they have established key foundational design principles and pieces that set their work apart.  Together, they’ve scoured the night markets in Chiang Mai and Bali, antique shows in Texas and New England, and showrooms of New York and Paris to find the very best in form and function. Time spent living on the East Coast gave them each a love for traditional architecture and classical design which melds with their casual West Coast sensibility to create their signature brand of livable luxury. Their work and collection epitomize this combination of style and ease, practicality and beauty that they strive to establish both as mothers with homes of their own and in the homes of their clients.