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Selecting Rug Style

Selecting Rug color

Selecting Rug pattern

Selecting Rug Size

Selecting a Rug Style

While vintage rugs can be pricier, they are an investment that will last as long as your home and can be passed along to future generations. But a new, hand knotted wool area rug is always a solid choice and a great value. We have plenty of options of both new and vintage rugs to suit a wide variety of budgets.

To get the look of a vintage rug for less cost and commitment, consider incorporating a smaller one in an entry, bathroom or hallway. Another option is to layer a smaller one under a coffee table over a larger area rug you already have. 

Selecting Rug Colors

Contrary to conventional thought, rug colors don’t need to ‘match’ the other colors in the room. As long as the tones are complimentary in tone (warm, cool or neutral), or complimentary on the color wheel (i.e. red and green) it’s hard to go wrong.

Remember, you aren’t going for an exact match--you want something that compliments and enhances.  

Selecting Rug Patterns

Look at the scale of the pattern in relation to the size of the rug. Is the pattern large and bold? A rug with bigger, eye-catching patterns will be more of a statement-making piece, whereas a rug with smaller, more repetitive patterns will tend to blend into the background more. Consider other focal points in the room. If the room lacks a strong focal point, a statement-making rug may be just the ticket. If there is plenty going on in a room already, consider a more neutral foundation.

Selecting a Rug Size

An easy rule of thumb to remember is to always keep the front legs of the main furniture pieces on an area rug. We also like to go as big as possible for area rugs while keeping at least 12-18 inches between the rug and the wall. Here are some general rules for different rooms:

The rug doesn’t need to go under nightstands.Dining: All chairs should fit on the rug.

Living room
Front legs of all main furniture belong on the rug.

Entries, mudrooms, bathrooms
Try a runner or doormat size.If you’re unsure, before purchasing, try marking off a section of floor with masking tape to see where a rug will lie in your room and make sure it will work with your planned furniture arrangement. 

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