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On curating your unique home vibe

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“You are the only you in the whole universe. Be you. It’s who you are meant to be.” These are some of Stephenie Watt’s favorite words to live by and she’s taken them to heart by curating a life and home (make that homes) with her husband and two young children. We are inspired by their polished aesthetic and their knack for carrying it into everything from their home to the way they dress, travel and entertain. Read our interview with Stephenie to see how they infuse every aspect of their lives with a signature vibe that is truly unique to them.

FG: Will you share with us a little about your career, home and/or family?  

Stephenie: My husband and I are high school sweethearts who have now been married for nine years with two young children. We split our time between Utah and our 381 year old home in Cape Cod, MA. Both homes double as luxury Airbnb vacation rentals. It’s our life passion to create beautiful home environments and share them with like-minded souls for one-of-a-kind experiences. We have another exciting project we are announcing this summer, too!

FG: How do you find balance between your work, home and personal life?  

Stephenie: Like most of us, 2020 taught us a new sense of balance. We take time to prioritize quality time with our children and with each other. Often this means making plans on Sunday for the week and putting trips to the park and alone time on our coordinating schedules.

FG: How does your home reflect or support your lifestyle?  

Stephenie: Our closest friends often remark on our “vibe control.” We are all about activating every sense for ourselves and our guests. Music is on, drinks and snacks are out, fragrant candles lit and interesting and soft textures and mediums to explore all create the cozy, alluring and connective vibe that we are after.

FG: What moments or rituals have you created in your home to support your lifestyle?  

Stephenie: Moments of self-care and unplugging are essential for us. Chase and I both love to turn the lights low at night after the kids are asleep, light some candles and read together before bed. For me, a bath ritual is almost a daily occurrence.    

FG: What are your tried-and-true home essentials that support those moments?  

Stephenie: Candles, coffee table books featuring beautiful interiors and gardens, music to set the tone and being surrounded by beautiful and meaningful pieces in my home. From a brass bowl filled with shells and stones from the beach to a beautiful piece of pottery or fresh flowers--just looking at them brings me a sense of contentment and happiness.

FG: What life experiences help inform the way you live or decorate your home?  

Stephenie: If I could encourage anyone to do one thing, it is to travel and to fall in love with places and moments and bring that energy back home. Every place I have visited has taught me something new and helped me uncover and dive deeper into what I love about life and design. 

Quick Answers

FG: Best way to start the day 

Everyone says it and there is a reason why. Wake up 20 minutes before everyone else and take some time for you. My ritual is to light a candle or palo santo, drink hot water with lemon and watch the sunrise. It sets a beautiful tone for the entire day.   

FG: Go-to home scent 

Stephenie: My current spring favorite is White Pearl Tuberose by Makana. My other alluring go to home scents are Tabaco by Coqui Coqui, Le Labo Palo Santo 14, and Voyage et Cie candle in St. Moritz Feu De Bois. I tend to gravitate toward sensual, deep fragrances. 

FG: Go-to housewarming gift

Stephenie: I always make a gift focused on one area in the home. I often will do either a kitchen set or bath ritual set. For the kitchen set I’ll often get a gadget like a pretty citrus press with a tea towel and candle. For a bath ritual set, I’ll select a bath bomb, soak or bath salt and a candle. When gifting, I live by the set of three rule 90% of the time.  

FG: Favorite music to set the mood at home 

Stephenie: We love the acoustic chill playlist by apple music. For cozy nights you’ll often hear Ella Fitzgerald (played on repeat at our wedding) or my other favorite is Lana Del Rey.

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