Get the Fall Feeling With These Centerpieces



Designer-approved fall centerpiece ideas, complete with earthy tones, organic elements and seasonal textures. 


Photos by Lucy Call

The changing leaves have us looking for simple ways to lay the groundwork for a festive fall feeling at home. In true Foundation Goods fashion, all of our ideas have one thing in common; they are pretty and purposeful. We love incorporating beautiful and functional elements into seasonal decor, working it in effortlessly and seamlessly and making it accessible for every aesthetic and budget.


Fall Centerpiece DIY

Natural and Organic

Take your cues from the farmer’s market and round up in-season produce for a casual display that showcases the colors, textures and flavors of the season. We love the combination of tall vases with wild, free-flowing greens and stems with low bowls of edible decor.  

Metal bowls

Santa Ynez Bowls
$100 - $127

Gingham Serving Platter

Jackson Gingham Platter

Terracotta planter

Terracotta Planter 

fall centerpiece for table


Treat yourself to a set of candlesticks and taper candles. They make early morning tea feel extra cozy or a weeknight dinner extra special. Light them every day and you’ll be amazed by the elevating power of something so simple. We love them juxtaposed with tiny jam jars and mason jars filled with yard clippings laid on a pretty tea towel.

Stoneware candle holder

Stoneware Stump Table Holder

$8 - $12

Stoneware Taper Candle Holder

Round Taper Holder

Two-tone Gingham Dishtowel 

diy fall centerpiece


Our version of Halloween is tall glass cylinders filled with candy corn, spider rings and gumballs. For a whimsical look that’s less holiday focused, turn to acorns, moss or baby pumpkins. This is another great opportunity to pull out those taper candles--they can easily be held by whatever is in the cylinder.

Glass pickling jar

Pickling Jar 


Taper Candles

Taper Candles

wood-lidded glass canister

Cottonwood Iron Top Canister 

See these themes illustrated by one of our founders, here.

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