Goods for Gathering


Curate a portable outdoor oasis 

Photos by Lindsey Stewart Photography

It’s time for beach days, afternoons at the park and outdoor concerts. You’ve got your picnic packed, but what should you sit on? After discovering the Gathre Maxi mat, we’ll never wonder again. Imagine a chic, luxurious and totally mess-proof (read: wipeable) mat that folds up compactly and is large enough to fit the whole crew. Top it with some outdoor dining essentials from Foundation Goods and your summer just got an upgrade.

1. Gathre Maxi Mat, $138 Gathre; 2. The California Candle, $25 Foundation Goods; 3. Salad Server Set, $25 Foundation Goods; 4. Cape Seagrass Pitcher, $32 Foundation Goods; 5. Seagrass Wide Cage Tumbler, $8-$11 Foundation Goods; 6. Enamel Large Swirl Tray, $74 Foundation Goods; 7. Summer Woven Satchel, $70 Foundation Goods; 8. Linen Stitch Napkin, $18 Foundation Goods; 9. Harbor Pillow, $120 Foundation Goods.

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