It All Starts Here

It All Starts Here

Create the Foundation of an Exceptional Home

Think about the last time you really enjoyed your home. A moment when your mind took a snapshot and you thought, “This is how I want to live”.  At Foundation Goods, we want you to experience those moments every day. Whatever your days have in store, we believe your home is truly the foundation of a life well-lived. A beautiful, thoughtfully-curated home will elevate every moment, from the everyday to the monumental. 

Photos by Rebekah Westover 


We’ve been in the home design business for a long time, and through the years we noticed that the same ideas, products and materials kept shining through. We've found ourselves continually returning to these same “building blocks” to help our clients craft meaningful spaces where they can live to the fullest. 

These essential items are what led us to start Foundation Goods; a collection of wares, hand selected to help you create the foundation of an exceptional home. Whether it’s a well-crafted wooden dish brush, a one-of-a-kind throw pillow or a dining set, you can be confident that if you found it here, it will fit into your home and it it will truly elevate your life.




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