Little Touches of Holiday Magic


Spread cheer throughout your home with these simple tips

The holidays will have come and gone before we know it and we want to help you relish every moment in the meantime. Here are some small, intentional touches of seasonal magic you can scatter throughout your home like holiday fairy dust.  It’s all about engaging the senses--twinkle lights, cozy candles, and soft blankets are small things that can have a big impact. Try a few of our ideas and in less than an hour, the whole house can be filled with cheer!

Countertop Collections

Glass canisters are easy to change seasonally. We love pulling them out of the pantry and displaying them on the countertop filled with hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and peppermints or other Christmas candies throughout the winter.

Sink-side Sweets

Swap out your usual dish or hand soap with one scented with pine or peppermint. A candy-striped hand towel is also a sweet touch.

Artful Array 

Swap out generic art for seasonal landscapes and snowy scenes. Punctuate the vignette with mini tabletop trees or greenery. 

Backdoor Bonus

Greet family members with a cheerful wreath when they come in and kick off their shoes. A set of jingle bells is the perfect addition to a wreath, banister swag or hanging from the doorknob as an audible reminder that Santa is coming soon!

Ornament Extras 

Corral any unused ornaments into a neutral serving dish or platter for a coffee table display in a second recreation room or family room where you might not have a full tree, but still want to feel festive. Fairy lights always elevate the display!

Punctuate with Pillows

Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh set of throw pillows on the sofa or bed in seasonal tones.  Add a plush throw blanket for added comfort and texture.

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Watch one of our founders, Bethany Christensen, talk about these ideas and more, here.


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