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Our Favorite Essentials for Home or Away 

This month we’ve gathered everything you need for an easy breezy weekend, even if you stay-cation in your bedroom. A little self-care, some stay-in-bed-all-day fashion, and a few sweet snacks for your Bridgerton marathon.

1. Olipop drinks They had us with the cute-as-can-be packaging, but with probiotics, plant fiber and mouth-watering botanical flavors, this is a guilt-free indulgence we can’t resist. Olipop, $34.99 for a case of 12

2. Latham Copper Clamp Jar Your overnight oats have never looked more elegant than in these textured glass jars with rose gold metallic clips. Foundation Goods, $9-$11

3. West of Breakfast PJs  If you missed our pajama party pop-up over the holidays (or you regret not buying all six styles) you’ll be pleased to know West of Breakfast’s iconic jammies are available online, ready to be shipped to your door. West of Breakfast, $120-$130

4. Paravel Cabana Tote  Ready to be monogrammed and filled with your weekend essentials, this classic tote is leveled up with punchy stripes. Paravel, $165

5. Palo Santo Bath Salt Tube   A soothing yet invigorating blend of pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salts, essential oils and ground rose petals perfectly portioned for a luxurious soak. Foundation Goods, $4

6. Ditsy Floral Vans   Typically edgy skater shoes get a feminine upgrade in a ditsy floral pattern we want to live in night and day. Vans, $39.95

7. Marble Mini Hearts  We just want to keep these little treasures in our pockets, stash them in our handbags and sleep with them under our pillows for sweet dreams. Foundation Goods, $4

8. Raaka Chocolate Rose Cardamom bar A creamy, dreamy chocolate bar with 70% cacao and real rose petals to transport you to a cloud of bliss wherever you are. Raaka, $6

9. Voyager Necklace   An ode to travel and adventure, this charming chain promises safe journeys ahead and guaranteed second glances. Mignonne Avignon, $195

10. Lip Stud Earrings  These whimsical gold studs are stylish enough for everyday and tiny enough to sleep in, making them the ultimate loungewear elevating accessory. Clare V., $175

11. The Great. Sweatshirt   For the inevitable day you simply must change out of pajamas, pair this cozy sweatshirt with matching sweatpants in Sugared Berry. The Great, $175

12. Floral Hand Cream  So pretty on the nightstand, this grab and go hand cream smells so divine your post-hand-sanitizer hands will thank you. Foundation Goods, $12

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