March Journal


Bring a little light into your home this month. 

Roll up the shades and pull back the curtains; it’s time to let the light in. As the days (and the mood) get lighter, we’re eager to extend that light and bright feeling to the home. This month we’ve rounded up some easy ways to do just that. Turn up our March playlist and let the light shine. 

Natural Light

If you’re thinking of replacing an entry door, a dim entryway will benefit from a paned or Dutch style door. The boost of daylight can change the entire feel of a room and it can easily be fitted with privacy glass or a small shade for nighttime. 

Reflected Light

Never underestimate the power of a simple mirror to cast light throughout a room, from a window to the flicker of a candle. Look around the room for an unused wall and imagine how a mirror would bring in the look of a bonus window.

Artistic Light

In a room with less-than-stellar views, bring in vibrant art showcasing nature scenes, bright blue skies and peaceful vistas. This time of year is also a great time to rethink accessories, swapping out darker, heavier items for light and airy ones.

Light Fixtures

A lamp in the corner or a new chandelier over the dining table may be just what your space needs. Browse our in-store selection or inquire for special orders; a shining art sconce, entry pendant or reading lamp is the quickest route to a bright new outlook.

Light and Bright Shop Picks

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