Maximize Your Space


Make the most of every room with these easy upgrades. 

When it comes to space planning for our clients, more storage and seating are often at the top of the wishlist. Here are some of our favorite tricks for maximizing both! 


Tucked (or even built-in) beneath a window or against an unused wall, a small desk offers a surface for homework, bill paying, projects and work, not to mention a small chair that can easily be tucked below and pulled into the room when extra seating is needed.


Placing low profile stools or a bench in front of the fireplace allows the fireplace to remain the focal point visually, but enhances the flow of conversation and maximizes seating.


Family room essentials like blankets and children’s toys stay within easy reach by tucking large baskets into unused spaces between furniture or under the coffee table.


An art wall near an entry can be made even more useful with a low bench that can be used for guests’ belongings, as a place to pull off boots or to pull into a seating arrangement when entertaining.


A traditional console is a beautiful focal point for the entry and is made even more useful by selecting a console with drawers to hold outdoor and errand essentials like gloves and umbrellas. Drawers are also an easy way to keep family members’ belongings separate and organized.

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