Our Foundation

Visually appealing, well-considered spaces have the power to motivate us to be more productive, see life with a fresh perspective and foster meaningful connections with others. We’ve seen it in our own lives and in the lives of our clients. Our approach has evolved from a design philosophy into a lifestyle. So we decided to harness what we know and make it available through Foundation Goods.  

When we set out to make our home goods store a reality, little did we know how much more of a meaning the word home would take on in a matter of days. As we geared up to launch our new site and brick and mortar shop, the world shut down in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic and people everywhere began sheltering at home.

With all this time at home, we found ourselves examining our own surroundings and then our actual foundations after a 5.7 earthquake rocked Salt Lake City shortly after quarantine began. The pandemic and the introspection continue and as current racism-related conversations flourish, we look beyond the walls of our own homes, and ask how we might build things better for future generations. 

Take a look around. How can you reimagine, rearrange or add to the building blocks of your home to create the life you want to live? We believe that change begins at home. 

There’s work to be done. Let’s build a strong foundation together. 

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