February Journal: Spread the Love



Fill your home with heart

A whole month to focus on LOVE--it’s here and not a moment too soon. We could all benefit from a little extra love; in the form of self-care, an act of neighborly kindness, a romantic gesture or hug from a family member. Kindness begins with each of us and it starts at home. Try incorporating these festive February touches around the house to spread the love and fill your home with heart this month.

Floral scented delights

Love is in the air with the sweet scent of our favorite pink blooms from the nightstand to the kitchen sink.

Heart Shaped Treasures

Surprise and delight family members and visitors with a dish full of conversation hearts, a marble heart slipped into a pocket or lunchbox, or an unexpected addition to teatime.

Pops of Pink

Rosy pillows, blush-colored throws and a frosted pink vase paired with baby’s breath are little items that pack a lot of love.

February Checklist 

To Do 

Ever gone through a drive-through line to find out that the person in front of you paid for your order? What a feeling to be on the receiving end of such an unexpected act, and equally life-changing to be on the giving end! Try it next time you run for your afternoon pick-me-up.

To Make 

This is the cutest hand-pie tutorial we’ve seen and we can’t wait to add these to lunchboxes and afternoon tea.

To Listen 

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