A Lesson in Personal Style


Announcing Foundation Goods x Courtney Grow

You’re about to get a lesson in personal style. Your professor? You’re about to meet her.   

Picture your quirky archeology professor’s office—a disheveled mahogany desk scattered with world maps, maybe a bone carving, a magnifying glass and a half-full cup of coffee teetering precariously close to the edge. Now picture that your professor is a brainy, bombshell from California with a madcap penchant for all things style-related and her archeological excursions involve mining the Internet to discover the most-covetable shopping gems.

Meet Courtney Grow, the tastemaker ready to grant you a degree in personal style. She’s your college professor and sister rolled into one witty and trustworthy package. Take her shopping advice and you’ll quickly see why she receives hundreds of messages a day thanking her for her spot-on beauty and fashion picks. 

When it comes to her home, her professorial propensity for style in every aspect of life has given her a vision of an interesting, cultivated and comfortable “backdrop for adventure” for her, her husband and their four children (two of them twins!) but no action plan. When she came to Foundation Goods for help materializing plans and furnishings for a much-anticipated home refresh, we welcomed the opportunity to take her home to the studious level it belongs.

Stay tuned for our collaboration with Courtney and get to know her, her style and all the details of her home renovation. You’ll get all the tips you need to go from style student to scholar.

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