April Journal


Take time to collect and reflect 

Photography: Rebekah Westover

Design: Bethany Christensen Design and Tonya Bush, W Design Collective  

Construction: Neff Homes

Ahhh, April. One day the sun is shining, and the next day the tulips are hiding underneath a layer of snow. We typically get all nostalgic in the fall, but something about the new life in spring makes us reflect on where we are and where we’re going.  

Our April playlist is the perfect rainy day reflection soundtrack. Pull out your spring cleaning supplies, purge all the junk and take inventory of what’s left.

Have a look around at your treasured belongings. What do they say about you? Notice how you store your favorite objects. Are they on display? Buried away in a box? We encourage you to pull them out and find a way to keep them close at hand to use and enjoy every day.  Here are some of our favorite ways to display a collection.

Art Wall

Children’s artwork and photographs deserve to see the light of day. Sometimes a whole photo album can be daunting to complete, but in one afternoon you can select a few printed photos or some from your hard drive to print and frame. Don’t overthink it—just get them up on the wall!

Treasure Box

Some items are too special (or tiny) to keep lying around any old place. A special box can hold mementos out of sight but keep them a part of your home. Be sure to keep the box somewhere it can be seen and enjoyed. Just seeing the box and knowing what’s inside can keep memories relevant and close at hand.


It’s tempting to want to fill a shelf up with random items, but really taking the time to curate your shelves will not only make them more useful, but you’ll enjoy looking at them. Make sure they reflect what you value and want to see and think about daily.


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