May Journal

Gifts from the Garden

Wake up your space with hand-picked floral favorites just for you.

After a long, cold winter, those first buds out of the ground are a welcome sight. Plant some strategically placed blooms around your home and awaken your senses to the colors, patterns and scents of a fresh new month. 

Pick Your Motif

Petal or Leaf? Pick your favorite roundup and infuse a burst of garden freshness into your everyday moments.  

Petal Power

Simone French Gingham Napkin in Bois de Rose

Rose Botanica Candle 

Cocorose Basket 

Leafy Greens 

Leaf Printed Cotton Pillow

Etched Floral and Leaf Hurricane

Faux Olive Leaf

Cut Grass Handwoven Glass Candle

Flower-Powered Tunes

Whether you're working in the garden or tending to your houseplants, our May soundtrack has all the floral feels. 

Snip and Sip 

Revisit our friend Ali Primrose's recipe for Thyme Infused Lemonade then get creative with your own infusions. Here are some of our favorite herbal combos:

Limeade + fresh mint

Orange juice + basil or rosemary

Lemon water + frozen strawberries + rose petals

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